Kids Activity Trail

Explore the Botanic Gardens!

Would you like to meet the Brazilian Silk floss tree, discover the King fern, the largest fern in the world and discover more about Australian brush turkeys and eastern water dragons?

Then download the Gardens newest adventure for kids.

What's in the booklet?

There are opportunities for drawing, matching, measuring, sketching, word find and decoding words.

Activities range from identifying a plant and making a sound map to animal spotting and measuring a tree.

How many activities are there?

There are 20 activities in the booklet. Use the map to find where the activities are located and look for signposts with numbers on them around the top lake at the Gardens behind Cafe 1928.

Do the trail in any order, at your own pace and at any time of the year.

Where can I pick the booklet up at the Gardens?

You can pick up a free booklet and pencil at any of the Botanic Garden attractions including Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Cafe 1928 or the Bundaberg and District Historical Museum, or download your copy below.

Our booklets are printed on recycled paper.

We hope you enjoy the adventure and would love to hear about your experience.

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Kids Activity Trail