Garden and Flora Videos

Enjoy a private digital tour of the Gardens as we introduce you to some of the fascinating plants in our collections.

Please don't feed ducks bread
Feeding bread to wildlife, including ducks, isn't all it's quacked up to be! Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Curator Cody Johnson explains the impacts and offers some natural alternatives.

Isis Tamarind
The Isis Tamarind is one of the rarest trees in the world. Join Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Curator Cody Johnson as he talks about what makes this tree so special.

Brice Kaddatz from the Macadamia Conservation Trust, and Carl Moller, Co-ordinator Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, talk about the importance of preserving macadamia genetics for the industry and conservation purposes.

Goodwood Gum
Endemic to Queensland, the Goodwood Gum is listed as vulnerable, but thankfully this beautiful tree can be found at the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

Wallum Reserve
The Wallum Reserve at the Gardens contains an incredible diversity of plants and animals. Join Michael Maltby as he shows you the different species that can be found here.

Rare Fruit Tree Orchard
From the Giant Lau Lau to Jabotica, Panama Berry and the Miracle Fruit, the Gardens Rare Fruit Tree orchard is a fascinating place. Get up close and personal with exotic fruit as Ray Johnson from Rare Fruits Australia takes you through the orchard.

Botanic Gardens Rainforest
What plants make up an Australian rainforest? What animals live here?  Ecologist Carly Sugars takes you through the Gardens rainforest area explaining why rainforests are so important. 

Botanic Gardens Woodworkers Guild
Bundaberg was founded on timber, so it's only natural that the Bundabrg Botanic Gardens has an area dedicated to the Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild. President Stephen Faulkner discusses how the area developed and what species can be found here.

Harvesting Bamboo
Every year the Gardens team undertakes harvesting in the bamboo grove next to the Japanese Gardens. This organic mulch is then used throughout the Gardens.

Chinese Gardens
Have you ever wondered what the symbols on the bridge in the Chinese Gardens refer to? Or what the significance of the bells are? Join Enya Xu as she takes us on an informative tour explaining the key elements of this special Garden.

Japanese Gardens
Deborah Nelson provides a rich visual description and meaning of the different elements that make up our Japanese Garden.