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Step back in time and discover The Old Pharmacy Museum located in the elegant Gaydon’s Building in the bustling main street of the heritage listed highway town of Childers.

The building was the premises of local pharmacist Thomas Gaydon who arrived in Childers in 1894 to dispense medicines to a rapidly growing local population. Gaydon, an immensely talented man, was also the community photographer, dentist and anaesthetist at the local hospital.

This unique visitor attraction is overflowing with captivating pharmaceutical displays and early medicines showcasing the apparatus and dispensing methods utilised by Thomas Gaydon. The walls are lined with red cedar shelves, holding row upon row of jars and medicine bottles of different coloured and textured glass, ointments, powders and photographic equipment. 

Beside Thomas Gaydon’s gold leaf bottles containing original ingredients of organic components are mortar and pestles, carboys, fine glass flasks, optician’s glasses and an antiquated dentist chair.

Holding pride of place is a 1906 National cash register for which Thomas Gaydon paid 60 pounds. By way of comparison, in the same year he had four houses built and paid 73 pounds each. 

In the dispensary are prescription books dating back to 1915, formula books containing home remedies and different tablet making apparatus.

This unique in situ collection of the early development of Australian pharmaceutical practice from 1894 to 1982 is a must see attraction.

The Old Pharmacy museum is managed by volunteers from the Isis District Historical Society on behalf of Bundaberg Regional Council.

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