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Reduce, reuse and recycle

Reducing, reusing and recycling are three important parts of keeping our waterways and beaches clean and reducing the amount of rubbish that enters the turtle’s home.

Here are three tips you can implement today:

  1. Buying a takeaway coffee? Don’t forget your keep cup! Each year in Australia there are over a billion disposable cups thrown into landfill. If you don’t have a keep cup you can opt for a café that participates in Green Caffeen or uses recyclable coffee cups. Find out more here.
  2. Recycle right! Recycling can be confusing, but the Recycle Mate app can help! Simply open the app, take a photo or type the item name and Recycle Mate will provide suitable options specific to the Bundaberg Region. Download the Recycle Mate app.
  3. Always have your reusable water bottle handy! It’s not only great for staying hydrated, it’s also great for the environment. If you forget your reusable bottle and opt for a plastic bottle you can recycle it for cash at Containers for Change! Find out more here.

Fun fact: Did you know that all the recycling in Bundaberg is hand sorted by some of our very patient staff? So please remember to sort and wash your recycling to help speed up the process!

More information on reducing, reusing and recycling can be found on the Bundaberg Regional Council website


Reduce urban glow

The Reducing Urban Glow in Bundaberg project is a collaboration between Bundaberg Regional Council, project partners and technical experts.

The project uses smart technology to measure urban lighting levels and makes that data available to the community to reduce the negative impact of lighting on both nesting and hatchling marine turtles. This project aims to empower the community to make informed decisions about their use of light and take positive action to reduce urban glow.

It isn’t all about lighting though! You can reduce your urban glow by planting vegetation on your property to help reduce the glow. If you are a landowner in the region you may be eligible for up to 250 FREE trees. Visit the One Million Trees page to find out how.

You can find out more about reducing your urban glow here.


Get involved in turtle friendly initiatives

There are so many turtle friendly initiatives and events in the Bundaberg Region. Here are a few that you can get involved in.

Do you have a turtle friendly idea or initiative you would like to discuss? Contact Council's Eco Tourism Officer Kate Giles on 1300 883 699.



Mon Repos Turtle Centre

Want to be involved in supporting the most significant concentration of nesting marine turtles on the Eastern Australian mainland? Volunteer at Mon Repos!

The Mon Repos Turtle Centre has a number of volunteer roles available throughout the year. You can find more information on how you can help here.

Looking for more turtley awesome information? Visit the Mon Repos website.

Sea Turtle Alliance

The Sea Turtle Alliance is a passionate, volunteer based organisation dedicated to protecting our sea turtles. You can find more information on their work and how to join them here

Tangaroa Blue

Tangaroa Blue coordinate beach clean-ups throughout the year. Follow their Facebook page to find out when the next beach clean-up will be held in our region.


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