Being an ECO Destination is something that Bundaberg Region businesses and residents can be part of. Our region is already active in the sustainability space from beach and bush clean-ups, limiting single use plastics, solar panels, and more!

To keep the Bundaberg Region residents up to date on all the ways you can get involved in community activities to care for the region, please see below.


Waste and Recycling resources

  • Bundaberg Regional Council Waste and Recycling team has programs to help residents throughout the region reduce and reuse. Learn more here: Waste and Recycling programs
  • Recycle Right! This useful resource aims to debunk common recycling myths with and goes into what residents can and can’t recycle.
  • For more education about the Bundaberg Region’s Waste and Recycling including factsheets, videos, booking a tour and waste minimisation, visit the wesbite
  • To learn more about waste disposal, fees and kerbside bins, click here.


Explore our region through nature-based experiences

The Bundaberg Region is renowned for its environment and being ECO Destination Certified will only enhance our reputation. Here are some of our best spots to enjoy our region.


  • Elliott Heads Beach
  • Woodgate Beach
  • Burnett Heads
  • Moore Park Beach
  • Archie’s Beach
  • Kelly’s Beach and The Basin
  • Barolin Rocks

Walking trails

  • Bywash Park
  • Baldwin Swamp
  • Watawa Recreation Trail
  • Russo Environmental Park
  • Bundaberg Botanic Gardens
  • Queens Park Circuit


  • Barolin Nature Reserve
  • Meadowvale Nature Park
  • Vera Scarth-Johnson Wildflower Reserve
  • Heathwood Recreation Reserve
  • Kelly’s Creek Reserve
  • Gin Gin Nature Park
  • Russo Environmental Park
  • Sharon Gorge Nature Park

Camping spots

  • Elliott Heads
  • Sharon Gorge
  • Moore Park Beach
  • Norval Park
  • Coonarr
  • Theodolite Creek
  • Woodgate
  • Burnett Heads
  • Kolan River Retreat
  • Binnowee Bush Camp
  • Wyper Park Scout Camp

Dog-friendly areas

  • For information regarding dogs on beaches, click here
  • To learn more about off-leash dog areas throughout our region, click here


Are you turtley aware?

Bundaberg Regional Council encourages everyone, including our visitors, to understand the significance of the Bundaberg Region’s shoreline as a nesting location for threatened turtle species.

After 7.30 pm between October and April help reduce the glow affecting our beaches by:

  • Switching off unnecessary lights
  • Closing curtains or blinds
  • When driving, avoiding using high beam near beaches where possible
  • Only using a small torch on the beach at night
  • Learn more about what you can do to Reduce Urban Glow

Sign up to the Turtley Aware Club for more helpful tips. 


For businesses

Get involved by:

  • Swapping your plastic straws with Biopak Art Straws, free of charge, funded by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, here.
  • Developing your own sustainability plan
  • Choosing locally produced consumables
  • Saying no to plastic bags
  • Knowing your carbon emissions and work to reduce them
  • Sharing your sustainability measures with your customers
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle!