About us

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation is the centerpiece visitor attraction located in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

Built as a tribute to Bundaberg’s pioneering aviation hero Bert Hinkler, the Hall is designed to represent an aircraft wing with the building housing the remarkable memorabilia, displays and artefacts that cover the all-too-brief life of a genuine Australian and global hero.

Hinkler captivated the world in the 1920’s with record-breaking flights nationally and then stunned the international community by undertaking the first solo flight from England to Australia in his Avro Avian aircraft.

His fame continued throughout the decades long after his untimely death when he crashed into the Italian Alps while undertaking another record seeking solo attempt.

The Hinkler Experience

Become part of Bert's story through glide and flight simulators, movie theatrettes, six display aircraft and a vintage motor vehicle, and the many unique museum exhibits and interactive displays right at your fingertips.

Explore beautiful Hinkler House, Bert’s relocated English home, aptly named ‘Mon Repos’.

Be suitably impressed as you view the immaculately restored original Armstrong Siddeley vehicle from his Tour of Triumph in 1928.