Awards timeline

1917 Bert is awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) for flying performances as an aerial gunner in bombers during World War I in France.
1920 In May, Bert is awarded the Britannia Challenge Trophy for flight in Avro Baby (G-EACQ).
1924 Bert wins the Grosvenor Challenge Cup in Avro 562 for light aircraft trials from Avis to Lympne.
1927 In April, Bert wins the Killjoy Cup at the Bournemouth Air Races, and the Hotels Handicap and Holiday Handicap. In June, Bert wins the Utility Cup and the De Prez Cup in the Bristol Air Pageant. On 26 August, Bert is awarded the Golden Eagle Breast Decoration of the Air Force of Latvia, and the prestigious Oswald Watt Medal in the same year.
1928 Bert is awarded the Royal Geographical Society of Australia/Asia Medal, the Thompson Foundation Gold Medal for services to the science of aviation, the Gold Medal presented by the Institute of Surveyors, and a diamond wristwatch for Nance Hinkler from the Australian Theatre Business. Bert is later awarded the Air Force Cross (AFC) in recognition of distinguished service rendered to aviation by his solo flight in a light aeroplane from England to Australia. Bert is personally presented with a gold cigarette case bearing the Australian Coat of Arms by the Prime Minister, the Honourable SM Bruce, and sees a platinum and diamond brooch featuring a kangaroo leaping across the world from England to Australia presented to Nance Hinkler by Sir Charles Wakefield at the Savoy Hotel in London. In February, Bert is awarded the Britannia Challenge Trophy for his England to Australia flight, and his second Oswald Watt Medal in the same year. Bert is also presented with the Federation Aeronautique International Gold Medal in Copenhagen for his England to Australia flight of the same year.
1931 In formal recognition of his South Atlantic crossing, Bert is awarded the Moroccan Cross at the Casablanca Aero Club by the French Commissioner, his third Oswald Watt Medal, as well a Royal Aero Club Gold Medal and the Britannia Challenge Trophy yet again.
1932 Bert’s South Atlantic crossing in the previous year earns him the Segrave Memorial Trophy, the Johnston Memorial Silver Plaque, and his fourth Oswald Watt Medal.