There are six species of Quoll, four of which are found throughout Australia including the:

  • Spotted-tail Quoll
  • Western Quoll
  • Eastern Quoll
  • Northern Quoll

The remaining two species, the Bronze Quoll and the New Guinean Quoll are found in New Guinea.

The Spotted-tail Quoll, Dasyurus maculatus, is the largest of Australia's quoll species and are considered an apex (top) predator. This elusive, carnivorous marsupial is native to the east coast of Australia through to Tasmania and can be found in our local area.

Keeper Talk

Discover more about quolls through our keeper talk and watch the quoll being fed! This talk is also combined with our Cotton-top Tamarin talk.

Talks start at 10.35am in front of the Quoll exhibit and are run on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside of school holidays.

During school holidays check the zookeeper talk schedule for more dates and times. 

You can find out more about the Spotted-tail Quoll and how you can do your part to save them through the Wildlife Queensland's Quoll Seekers Network guide, or by chatting to one of our zookeepers.

Saving the Spotted-tail Quoll - A Landholder's Guide

Small quoll, big attitude!

Did you know?
‘Quolls’ were named by Captain James Cook as this was recorded as the local Aboriginal name. The name only became popular in the 1960s. Before that they were known as ‘native cats’ or ‘tiger cats’

Saving the Spotted-tail Quoll

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