We have four species of quoll in Australia including the

  • Spotted-tailed Quoll
  • Western Quoll
  • Eastern Quoll
  • Northern Quoll

Populations of these tree climbing marsupials have been dramatically affected due to land clearing and they are now endangered.

Our resident male quoll Crunchy, which is a Spotted–tailed Quoll, Dasyurus maculatus, came to us as a juvenile in April 2019 from Devils @ Cradle a wildlife conservation facility in Tasmania.

The quoll’s enclosure is filled with large branches, hollow logs, tree ferns, a pond and misting system to keep him cool in the warmer months. You can find the quoll next to the Cotton-top Tamarins.

Small quoll, big attitude!


Did you know?
‘Quolls’ were named by Captain James Cook as this was recorded as the local Aboriginal name. The name only became popular in the 1960s. Before that they were known as ‘native cats’ or ‘tiger cats’