Cotton-Top Tamarins

In 1912 the zoo purchased a female monkey from the Melbourne Zoo which was delivered to Bundaberg via the ship Tinana. By the 1950s and 1960s the zoo was better known as the Monkey Park due to the popular monkey display.

The Cotton-top Tamarins, Saguinus oedipus are the first primates to be exhibited at the zoo since this time.

The two monkeys were acquired from Perth Zoo, which was looking for a facility to take on tamarins that would no longer form part of a breeding program.

Cotton–tops are very social and the two females at the zoo groom each other and sleep together, being most active between sunrise and sunset. Spend some time at the exhibit to hear their range of calls, which vary from birdlike chirps to trills and screams, with some calls so high pitched they can’t be heard by human ears.

Tamarin monkeys get up close in zoo 360 footage

Did you know?
When Cotton-Top Tamarins become alarmed or excited their white fur stands up to make them look more impressive!

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