Land Mullet

Why does this lizard have such a fishy name? If you look closely its body is covered in smooth black fishlike scales and it has a fishlike head. The land mullet, Egernia major is the largest member of the skink family.

Eastern Bearded Dragon

These interesting lizards Pogona barbata communicate to each other by bobbing their heads and bodies and waving their forearms. These animals get their name from the skin under their throat that inflates into a beardlike shape when alarmed.

Freckled Monitor

The bodies of these lizards, Varanus tristis are covered in rows of eye shaped circles. These small lizards grow up to a lenght of 80cm and are fast hunters chasing down small snakes, lizards and insects.

Lace Monitors

Lace Monitors, Varanus varius are the second largest lizard in Australia and belong to the only group that have a forked tongue like snakes.

Lizards Love Life at the Zoo

Lizards Love Life at Alexandra Park Zoo


Did you know?
When threatened, the Land Mullet releases a strong fishy odour!