Event management guide

Bundaberg Multiplex Sports and Convention Centre is committed to working with you to deliver the perfect event.

An Event Management Guide has been produced to assist you in organising and running events. It contains general information about event management that is aimed at assisting you in best practice event management. 

Download the Event Management Guide

Careful planning is vital to successful events, starting with the five considerations below:

1. Assessing the idea and opportunity 

  • The type and size of the event
  • Available resources
  • Sponsorship / funding
  • Other similar types of event 
  • Ability to deliver the event i.e. capacity to physically host the event or financial capabilities 

2. Setting the objectives and theme 

A clear objective should be set from the beginning.

For example, you could aim to raise funds for a charity or particular project, start a new annual event etc.

The reason you are planning an event will impact and influence how you approach your event and generate support or funding. 

3. Determining the planning lead time 

Lead time is the time it will take for you to plan, organise and promote the event.  

Ideally, planning should start at least 12 months prior to any event.

It is highly recommended that you liaise early with Bundaberg Multiplex Sports and Convention Centre in your event planning to ensure you identify and obtain all relevant details and information.

4. Setting the event date 

Whether the event is going to be held indoors or outdoors will impact when you may hold your event (seasonal weather). 

You should also consider the region’s annual event calendar and tourism seasonal patterns. 

View the Bundaberg Region event calendar

5. Developing the action plan 


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