Peanut Butter Tree

Take a wander to the rare fruit orchard and sample the ripe orange red fruit of the peanut butter tree Bunchosia glandulifera. The sweet flesh has a taste and texture similar to peanut butter.


Enjoy the scented blooms of the roses in the Hinkler Garden near the Café.

Ylang Ylang

Highly prized for its perfume extracted from its leaves this stunning specimen near the train station is covered in clusters of dark fruit.

Plumed Ducks

Plumed ducks, Dendrocygna eytoni are gathering in large groups and can be seen on the banks of the lakes. These highly social birds vocalise regularly with a ‘whistling’ sound giving them their other common name Whistling duck. Enjoy these birds from a distance as they can become stressed quite easily.

Visit the Gardens Information Board located at the entrance to Café 1928 to keep up to date with what’s flowering and fruiting in the Gardens.