Plant Collections

The Bundaberg Botanic Gardens have 14 unique living plant collections where you can explore the delights of the rare fruit tree orchard, discover the tallest Heliconia in the world or enjoy the tranquillity of the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

  • Giant Red, the tallest Heliconia in the world
  • Chinese Garden including the Moon Gate and landscaped surrounds
  • Fraser Island Vine with stunning pink trumpet flowers, flowering from late winter to late spring
  • Ylang Ylang Tree, highly valued for the perfume extracted from its flowers,
  • Jade Vine, spectacular clusters of turquoise claw shaped flowers usually in September but can be variable due to weather conditions
  • Rare Fruit Tree Orchard including the Peanut Butter Tree and Miracle Fruit Trees
  • Japanese Garden including tiered ponds, tori gate, liquid amber and azaleas best viewed during Spring