Parking at the airport

Public carparks are located to the left and right of the airport access road leading to the terminal.

Parking in these areas is free for the first 30 minutes with Council’s schedule of fees to apply for stays in excess of that time.

Located directly in front of the terminal building, the public car park provides quick access to the terminal, with disability car parking available.

Access to the carparks is via a boom gate which can be activated either by tapping a credit card or accessing a normal gate machine delivered ticket.

Any required parking payment can be made by cash, Visa or Mastercard at either of the two payment machines located in the baggage collection area. Alternatively, tapping the same credit card used to access the car parking area at the boom gate will allow departure with any costs automatically debited to the credit card.

Revenue raised from parking will assist the airport to keep pace with the ever-increasing operating and security costs. Funds will also be used to support improvements to the airport services and facilities.

Drop off points

Maximum two-minute restricted passenger drop off points are located adjacent to the covered walkway at the front of the terminal or in the gated left-hand side carpark. For reasons of security, drivers are not permitted to leave their vehicle unattended in this zone.

Disabled parking

Signed parking for those with a disability is available within the gated left-hand side carpark close to the terminal access ramp. These parks are for set down and collection. Anyone transporting a person with a disability and then travelling with them can use the disability parking for set down and pick up but their vehicle must be moved to a normal designated park for any interim period.

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